Custom vs Turnkey Sports Sites

Most sports organizations require the same common core functionalities in their public website, those being:

  • The standard suite of site pages including About us, Contact us, and Fundraising.
  • Site features like document downloads, link management, and photo galleries.
  • Communication tools, such as mass emailing, social media integration, and mass texting.
  • Online registration services.

We've discovered, in our years of serving sports-related organizations, that no two clubs are the same.

Even two clubs, serving the same sport and belonging to the same association, although similar are always different ... different in the way they are structured ... different in the way they manage their processes ... and different in the way they collect and use their data.

Turkey cookie-cutter online solutions for sports organizations inevitably require that you wedge your square peg in their round hole.

At Data Blueprints, we use content management system (CMS) technologies to lay a framework for your website so that no matter what features and utilities you request down the road, those special requests and customizations are easy to implement.  We understand that each customer is different, and the uniqueness of your sports organization must be reflected in the design of the website.

And the added benefits of using a CMS to build your organization’s website is that you can delegate the maintenance of your website to authorized staffers … the coaches can update the team pages, the registrar can update the registration pages, and the communications officer can post the latest news.  Our content management solutions provide you with easy tools to edit your website anytime, from anywhere.

When you've exhausted your patience with the cookie-cutter team sports solutions that are packed with unwanted advertisements and are so limited in terms of functionality and design, call Data Blueprints for a sports website that’s a custom fit.

Oh, and did we mention we have our own custom online registration systems, league management systems, and tournament management system.  Ask for a demo today!



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